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*    8-CCD sensors measurement, accurate and stable.

*    Through remote control pressed key on the sensors head, may complete all wheel alignment     


*    Wireless data transfer with 2.4GHz ZigBee or Bluetooth radio module.

*    Sensors head with LCD, real-time displaying toe, camber, E-level, battery electricity quantity, etc.

*    Aligner both for truck and car is optional.

*    Voice prompt function for operators’ guidance.

*    High precision inclinometer with temperature compensation.

*    Black box self-diagnosis function for the sensor heads.

*    Rechargeable heads with low power consumption and dormancy mode, large capacity

      (5600mAh) Lithium battery.

*    Complete vehicle specification with more than 25,000 models, online database download and

      custom add are supported.

*    Unique CCD aligner for trail is optional.

*    High accuracy wheel clamp specially for truck.







Bridge Parallelism



Total Toe









Dip Angle






Thrust Angle



Include Angle



Track Width Diff.(Angle)



Wheelbase Diff.(Angle)





4. Accessories

*    Computer

*    23” monitor

*    Communication Box

*    Cabinet

*    Sensor Head

*    Wheel Clamps

*    Turntables

*    Steering Wheel Holder

*    Brake Pedal Depressor


5. Optional spare part: Trailer alignment.

*   With trailer alignment, can do wheel alignment for truck with 8-9 meters wheel base


Aston® CCD Truck Wheel Alignment Machine AWA-CCD7

$17,995.00 Regular Price
$11,989.00Sale Price
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