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ANG-9599 Nitrogen Generator is based on adopting the latest PSA technology and utilizes Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) to separate nitrogen from other gases contained in the air. PSA tire nitrogen generator is not high-cost machine and does not need large space. But it could produce nitrogen with low cost, high purity, and low dev point. it is easy to obtain nitrogen with wan. purity 99% and low dew point to -60°C.



  • Fully automatic
  • Optional inflation with nitrogen or air
  • High-oc4ane BF-220# Carbon Molecular Sieve is adopted.
  • Machine could vacuum, fill nitrogen. and check pressure.
  • High precision Nova sensor pressure sensor is used.
  • No need to equip additional vacuum equipment. One button can do vacuum and nitrogen inflation.



  • Vehicle applicable: cars, vans, minibuses & light trucks
  • Power supply: AC 110V 50~60Hz
  • Power: 60W
  • Nitrogen purity• 95%~99.5%
  • Compressor air input range: 8- I0Bar/11Wl45Psi or <12Bar/174Psi
  • Nitrogen output: I'm.44Ga1/min (2.3cfm) l0Bar/145Psi
  • Nitrogen output pressure: <6Bar/83Psi
  • Operation temperature: +41.00 ℉ ~ +104.00 ℉
  • Set pressure range: 5- 1l0Psi (0.3-8Bar/8kg/cm')
  • Accuracy: + 0.038ar/0.5Psi
  • Display: 11” x 5” LED digital display




Aston® Tire Nitrogen Filling System ANG-9599

$5,999.00 Regular Price
$5,599.00Sale Price
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