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Aston Fully Automatic Tire Changer Leverless Center Post 3.0HP w/Bead Blaster




  • This product is suitable for disassembly and assembly without crowbar for all kinds of low,
  • medium and high-end cars, SUV, special car tires.

  • Adopting the integrated structure of the middle column, the upper and lower ganged, the
  • lower pressure wheel can follow the upper pressure wheel synchronous lifting, clever
    design, reasonable structure. The efficiency of disassemble and assemble tires is extremely high. The main structure adopts hydraulic control, higher stability can achieve accurate control, this product has obtained a number of patents!

  • Stepless speed change, speed control freely.
  • Double pressure wheel design, adapts to all kinds of tires, achieve fast tire disassemble and assemble.
  • The explosive inflation system, adopts the double button design to improve safety and avoid the danger of misoperation during use.
  • Servo motor, more horsepower, good silence, higher efficiency, easy to deal with all kinds of tires, motor speed control freely.
  • Automatic inflation device, set the target air pressure directly, complete the automatic inflation quickly.
  • Integrated design of the middle column, the upper and lower pressure head can be ganged at the same time to disassemble and assemble the tire, improving the using efficiency greatly.
  • The machine adopts hydraulic control which is more stable and safer than similar pneumatic models, and can achieve accurate control, which is incomparable by similar pneumatic models.
  • Tire tilting device, double the efficiency of similar products in the market, can achieve fast fixing.




    Rim Diameter

    12"~ 30"

    Maximum Tire Diameter


    Maximum Wheel Width

    3"~ 16"

    Operating Air Pressure

    10bar~ 13bar

    Maximum Charge Pressure



    220v 60hz 1ph

    Hydraulic Motor

    1.8kw (***Motor 3.0HP***)

    Max Flow of Oil for Hydraulic Motor


    Noise Level


    Net Weight

    1157 lbs. 

    Shipping Weight


    Shipping Dimension


Aston® Leverless Center Post Tire Changer Fully Automatic ATC-T6

$8,995.00 Regular Price
$7,895.00Sale Price
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