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Aston® car AC Recycle, Recovery, Recharge machine with dual system R134A and R1234YF. Main Feature: Flushing, Recovery, Vaccum, Recharge, Data Print. 



  • Pulse flushing to exchange refrigerant oil
  • Automatic recovering/recycling (R134a, R1234yf1
  • Automatically/manually drain used oil
  • Timing vacuum
  • Automatically/manually inject new oil (PAG, POE)
  • Quantitative recharging (RI 34a, R1234yf)
  • Fully automatic
  • Database for redigerant & oil
  • Print (service time, materials, etc.)
  • Refrigerant transfer (supply)
  • Self-diagnosis & self-protection
  • Maintenance procedures (cleaning, empty, etc.)



  • Dual system for R134a & R1234yf
  • Completely controlled by solenoid valves
  • Integrated, modular design, easy to maintain
  • Self-diagnosis and self-protection technology, stable operation
  • Easy to operate and suitable for everybody



  • Voltage: AC1l0V-60Hz
  • Current: 8/12A
  • Compressor: 12.12cc
  • Vacuum pump: 4.5CFM, 3Pa
  • New oil bottle: 0.08gal, 2pcs (PAG, POE)
  • Used oil bottle: 0.14gal
  • Tank capacity: 3.17gaI, 2pcs (RI 34a, R1234yf)
  • Load cell precision: 66.15 1bz0.0221b, 2pcs (R1.34a, R1234yf)
  • Load cell precision(oil bottle): 13.221b+0.Olllb
  • LCD: 9.45" x 5.04"
  • Work max. pressure: 20 bar
  • Dimension (L*W*H): 26.38" x 28.74" x 56.89"
  • Gross weight: 282 lbs.

Aston® AC Recycle Recovery Recharge machine Dual System AACS-1312

$6,999.00 Regular Price
$6,699.00Sale Price
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